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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions ("Terms")

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Please read these Terms & Conditions ("Terms", "Terms & Conditions") carefully before ordering

your goods. These Terms & Contitions will apply to the purchase of goods detailed in our quotation

(goods) by the buyer (you) from MY3D Designs (Pty) Ltd of 831 Boschberg Street, Suiderberg,

Pretoria (we or us)


These Terms and Conditions will be deemed to have been accepted by you when you accept

them or the quotation or from the date of any delivery of Goods (whichever happens first)

and will constitute the entire agreement between us and you.


These Terms & Conditions and the quotation (toghether, the Contract) apply to the purchase

and sale of any Goods between us and you, to the exclusion of any other terms that you try to

impose or incorporate, or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.



A "business day" means any day other than Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday.


The headings in these Terms & Conditions are for convenience only and will not affect their



Words imparting the singular number include the plural and vice-versa.



The description of the Goods is set out in our sales documentation, unless expressly changed

in our quotation. In accepting the quotation you acknowledge that you have not relied upon

any statement, promise or other representations about the Goods by us. Description of the Goods set

out in our sales documentation are intended as a guide only.


We can make any changes to the specification of the Goods which are required to conform to any

applicable safety or other statutory or regulatory requirements.


Due to the nature of images we receive having detail, it is under the discretion of the personnel

at MY3D Designs (Pty) Ltd and any partners and referals used from and to MY3D designs

at how much detail your product will receive. We will attempt to produce the closest relevant

replica of the image we receive from you (the client)



In the quotation document you receive it is stated that the waiting period for your products

will be 7 business days (please see 4. for details). We are entitled to have your products done

at a sooner date under our discretion. We also reserve the right to have it done at a later date

per arrangement.


If for any reason, which includes but is not limited to, machinery upgrades, power failure,

delay in courier company, emergency appointments that you can not receive your product on the

prescribed date, you are entitled to receive a notification from us. We will not take responsibility

for any costs due to losses.


A proper date and time needs to be rescheduled for any late deliveries or collections.


If we do not have a set date and time per mutual agreement of both parties, we will not be

held responsible for any losses or costs due to couriers, fuel spent or any other costs whatsoever.

If you are unreachable for any reason it will be accepted that the re-arrangement will take

place as and how MY3D designs seems fit at the moment.


The Courier used by us will not send notice when your parcel will be delivered. We accept that

there will be someone at the provided address to receive the parcel. If there are any re-delivery

costs you will be liable.


We do not accept the use of private courier companies unless we receive full detail of when

the goods will be collected from us. If there are any losses due to an incomplete arrangement

we will not be held responsible. Any re-deliveries will be for your account.


The products are still our property before it is collected or delivered and therefore we deserve

the right to test and photograph them. Any designs will be uploaded onto website and social media

platforms. A secrecy agreement form can be requested on designs specially made.



If you wish to give us any notice relating to a matter covered by these Terms, whether you

telephone us or not, you must confirm that notice in writing. In the case of email notices, these are

to be sent to melissa@my3ddesign.co.za and you must send them so as to return an

acknowledgement of receipt. Notice may be sent by first class post to 831 Boschberg Street,

Suiderberg, Pretoria, 0082.


Melissa Young




The price (Price) of the Goods is set out in our quotation current at the date of your order or such other price as we may agree 10.)

If the cost of the Goods to us increases due to any factor beyond our control including, but not

limited to, material costs, labour costs,increase of exchange rates or duties, or changes to

delivery rates, we can increase the price.


The increase in price will only be applicable if we have notified you about it and you have accepted

a new quotation from us with the price increase applicable.


You may be entitled to discounts. Any discounts will be at our discretion.


Delivery fees are exclusive unless clearly stated in quotation and delivery fees may vary from

area to area. Any increase in delivery costs will be for your account.

Risk and Ownership


The risk of loss or damage to Goods passes to you upon delivery. If you have agreed to

collect the Goods from us, the risk in those Goods passes to you on collection. (or 7 days after

the collection date if you have not collected the Goods by then)


Ownership in all Goods remains with us until full payment of all amounts due to us have been

received from you.


You will be responsible for the safe custody and insurance of all Goods in your possession.


You have no right to re-sell any Goods until payment has been received in full by us.

Warranties and Liability


We Warrant to you that the Goods ordered by you will meet the description as shown on our

website (or any other description given by you in writing)


We will not have any responsibility for any damage which occurs to the Goods after delivery.


If any defect in any Goods appear within 1 month of delivery, you must notify us as soon as you

become aware of the defect, giving us full details. We will then decide, in consultation with you,

whether the defect is our responsibility. If so, we may arrange either to repair the defective

Goods or to replace them with similar goods. Any defective Goods to be returned to us must be

at your expense.


We will not accept any responsibility for any wear and tear, accidental damage or failure by you

or by any third party to adhere to any written recommendation in relation to the Goods.


Liability to you for loss or damage shall under no circumstances exceed the total amount you have

paid us for those Goods. (However, we acknowledge that we cannot exclude any legal liability

for death or personal injury which is proved to be due to our negligence)

other price as we may agree in writing.